• Essential Oils 101

    Essential Oils 101

    • Learn about the Top 10 Essential Oils
    • Check out Six Oils that are Must Haves Right NOW
    • Explore the doTERRA line of Wellness Supplements
    • Much More!

  • Essential Oils for Physical Fitness

    • Ways to get the best tips to extend your exercise results
    • Prepare and your muscles
    • The importance of clean supplements to your muscles

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    Ready to live your best life? Best place to start is with genuine essential oils with doTERRA. We harness nature's most powerful elements, opening the door for pure wellness. I'm so pleased to meet you! I am Shalynne Barr, your doTERRA Wellness Advocate. I am affectionally called Coach Shalynne, so feel free to call me that just the same. With you coming to my site shows your commitment to yourself.


    Congratulations! Working with me will give you a well-round lifestyle approach. I carry four Certifications: Nutrition, Personal Training, Group Fitness, ICF-Life Coach and I am currently studying to become an Aromatherapist to the Medical and Clinical level.


    My commitment to you is to give you the education that you need so you can make informed health choices and feel comfortable in knowing that I am here to support you.


    Welcome once again! I am so excited to work with you.